Communication towers require periodic attention to maintain and verify acceptable structural condition as well as compliance with any governing agency's regulations.  Years of experience has taught us many lessons about caring for the health of the structures that support our broadcast communications systems;  a valuable one being to repair a problem before it creates more.   

Periodic maintenance prevents costly future repairs or possibly even tower loss in event of extreme neglect or critical component failure.   Communication structures are designed with an estimated life expectancy and as they approach the end of this cycle the tower's maintenance becomes even more crucial with the higher probabilities of compounding failures.

At a minimum we recommend the following tower maintenance intervals to keep your tower healthy and compliant with current industry standards:

  • Yearly
    • Tower inspection  & repair of critical discoveries
    • Plumb and tension to 10% rated B.S. (as needed)
    • Relamp of incandescent bulbs
    • Site maintenance
    • Monitoring of cathodic anchor protection (if present)
  • 10 Year 
    • Aviation Orange/White Paint Re-Application
    • Underground anchor inspection (if no cathodic protection)
    • Lighting inspection and upgrade evaluation


Some of the Tower Maintenance services we offer:

  • Lighting, strobe repair, LED conversion, system modification & design
  • Paint, primer, rust removal
  • Plumb and tension
  • Guy wire greasing
  • Replacement of structural components
    •  Anchors, guy wires, tower members and hardware