Routine inspection is the most reliable method of diagnosing hazards and maintaining the structural integrity of a tower system. Kilowatt provides comprehensive inspections, documentation and recommendations on all aspects of a tower site in accordance with current industry standards.  

Anchors in particular are a crucial and vulnerable part of a tower system that are often left unmonitored leading to hazardous conditions for anyone in the tower’s proximity. We can safely excavate an anchor system to inspect and provide detailed documentation that includes industry recognized CSF ratings. 

Tower Documentation

We understand keeping current documentation of tower sites is an endless task but accurate record keeping can be essential for future installations, maintaining the condition of a tower and for ownership changes. Comprehensive documentation not only protects your investment but it also helps to ensure the safety of onsite personnel. We can assist you with keeping current documentation of your towers’ condition and inventory as well as a history of inspections, analysis, anchor protection, contacts, digital pictures and work history.

Maintenance Management

Routine inspections and maintenance can be scheduled depending on your specific needs with recommendations provided to address any required critical repairs.